Paying it Forward

Throughout Ethan's journey, his parents didn't ask for much despite the several "Let me know if there is anything I can do" comments from everyone. The day before Ethan passed away, his parents finally asked for one thing, "Pay it forward." From a post his father made on Day 44:

"... At 5:30 [tomorrow], when we are with our sweet boy surrounding him in prayer and love, do the same. At that moment, hug someone close to you. Take a moment to tell another you love them. Out shopping? Look the checkout person in the eyes and thank them. Let that "jerk" cut you off by slowing down and waving them in. Pick up the phone... call a friend, parent... doesn't matter, you get the idea: Do something kind, make someone smile..."

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Submitted Stories

 Someone payed for a a family's dinner for Mother's Day.  
Submitted by Morgan — Act of Kindness occured in Dinner on 5/13/2018