In memory of Ethan Benjamin DeVeaux, his undeniable courage, and impact he had on so many worldwide.

Care Packages have been created to continue his legacy and bring warmth to NICU families in similar situations.

Ethan's parents, Derek and Prudence, were visiting family in Battle Creek, MI for Christmas. On Christmas night, Prudence began to feel some pressure. Being their first child, they just thought it was normal since it wasn't pain and Ethan was known for being very active. On Friday, December 26, Prudence went to the hospital to get peace of mind that she was just fine. That's when the emotional roller-coaster began...

On Monday, December 29 (23 weeks 1 day) at 6:29 AM, Ethan was born and let out a small cry that will never be forgotten. 17 weeks early and a mere 1 pound, 1 ounce. From that point forward, Ethan would have an everlasting impact that will never be forgotten. He repeatedly amazed doctors, nurses, and specialists with his will and strength. What started as a small Facebook page to keep family and friends up to date with his status turned in to a movement that reached across the world. His passing on February 12, 2015 was not only difficult for his family but also the thousands that became his family. Strangers became friends. Acts of kindness began to takeover in his name. His father kept a daily blog that was not only a way to update people but a way to comprehend what was happening and cope with the situation...

NICU Care Packages

NICU Care Packs are available for request. Most of the items have been generously donated through our Amazon Wish List. The intention is to help families that are in similar situations as we were in; Provide necessities and let them know they are not alone.
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Paying it Forward

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#EthanStrong Shirts

All proceeds will go towards creating NICU Care Packages. What better way than to spread his story by wearing the shirt and knowing the proceeds will go towards a great cause. Click Here to Order