The following is directly from Ethan's Facebook Group Page; A blog that was used to keep everyone up to date on his status. There may be typos, there may be some areas not 100% medically correct. However, these are his father's words, the way he coped, and his understanding of how things were going. To preserve the original moment, no updates or modifications were made to the content, hindsight or not.

Day 45 AM — February 12, 2015

Good morning sweet boy... (Someone didn't appreciate the flash). This morning I learned that Michigan only has about 65 truly sunny days a year. Would you believe that one of those days appears to be today, in middle of winter?


Day 45 Afternoon — February 12, 2015

I'm sure mommy won't mind that I snapped a pic...

Day 45 Evening — February 12, 2015

Earlier this evening, our sweet boy passed. He was comfortable and in our arms.

While we are incredibly numb from this all... There were tears of sadness but also tears of comfort. There was even some laughter. I read to him... Mama sang to him.

If you find yourself hurting... Just look at what he did today: All the posts of the "random acts of kindness" you have shared. That was because of Ethan. The posts have been incredible. Just review them. How could you not smile?

While today he may have been in Kalamazoo, MI.... He clearly made a presence known across the country via your random acts.

While he may have left this earth... He will continue to live through us, just as you all demonstrated today. Don't be sad. Be proud. Wear your shirt proudly. Share his story proudly. Share the random acts of kindness. He will forever live through us until we meet our sweet angel again.

See you later, sweet boy. We love you. Until then, we will forever be ‪#‎EthanStrong‬ and carry his strength, will, and courage for others to see.

Thank you for your continued prayers and support.

Good Night, Sweet Angel